Marco Lanciano alias dj marc james was always fascinated by the power of music.
The proof: Even in home videos from his earliest childhood, it was clear that you could hardly get him away from his guitarshaped panel of wood.

At the age of 22, the wood panel had long served its purpose.
It was replaced by inquisitive buying and spinning of vinyls in exclusive record stores in Zurich and abroad. The devotion to moving housemusic developed overtime as Marco was a regular reveler in each the most renowned clubs in Zurich with his friends. When he then put together a DJ console for the legendary act Street Parade, and let a sound check hum through his speakers, he heard a party cry, which immediately captured his imagination. At that moment, the immigrant son knew what he wanted: DJ-ing was his thing and it would stay that way. He became permanently infected with DJ fever. The future DJ then got himself his own equipment and began to establish important contacts in the Zurich nightlife scene at the same time. The doors to his future were now wide open. Now he could totally live his passion for live mixing, the sheer joy of being a part of the music and the need to constantly try something new to the very fullest extent. This intimate exposure to the dance music scene completely opened up the music world to him. He was booked for his first set one year later. He did not hesitate long and in May 2005 he made his d├ębut at the Beach Club Hinwil in the canton of Zurich. There were then regular bookings at the most popular clubs not only in Switzerland, but also in the bordering countries; for example in Rimini (Italy), Ibiza (Spain) or Berlin (Germany). His sound is geared toward mainstream house, deep house and electro house, accompanied by enticing and seductive background sounds. Being able to have eye contact with people in the scene on the dance floor is extremely important to him because this is one of the most important places where he gets his inspiration for the right tracks to play.

dj marc james has now over 10 years of experience in the DJ business. He is considered to be a changeable and ambitious DJ with numerous interesting strings to his bow; who, through talent and hard work, has gotten himself to the pinnacle of the dance music industry and whose heart will continue to beat in 4/4 beat of housemusic.